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Property Questionnaire

Criteria & procedures for inclusion in Bandera County Convention & Visitors Bureau Accommodations Guide & Web Site:

1) The property, accommodation, RV site MUST BE located in Bandera County.

2) All properties that offer overnight accommodations are subject to a 6% Bandera County hotel occupancy tax and a 6% state hotel occupancy tax per occupied room. For properties within the city of Bandera there is an additional 3% hotel occupancy tax. The properties will be forwarded a tax form at the end of each quarter, and the hotel occupancy tax is payable quarterly.

3) Properties need to fill out the property questionnaire & provide a short descriptive narrative. We will not include “marketing” words, just the facts who, what, where, etc.

4) We need to insure that we have the physical address for each property so that visitors have a general idea of your property’s location. The address will not be shown on your listing unless you prefer it shown.

5) Properties will be added to the web site as soon as we have the information necessary to place them on the web. You will receive an email once your listing is approved.

6) Your property will also be added to the printed material when there is a need to reprint.

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Activities for Accommodations & RV Parks
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Do you have a contingency for shelter during an event in case of inclement weather?

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