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Eclipse Travel

If you an eclipse enthusiast, then you may want to plan your travel now in Bandera County in Texas, as it will be near the centerline of totality for the total eclipse.

Why is Bandera County a prime location to view the eclipse?

Bandera County’s climate is well suited to experience excellent viewing opportunities.

April is a peak month for the spring bird migration and wildflower season. Any morning overcast skies generally give away to full sun by mid-morning.

Where is Bandera County, Texas?

Bandera County encompasses almost 800 square miles in the rural Texas Hill Country less than an hour northwest of San Antonio, a little over two hours southwest of Austin and four hours from Houston. The City of Bandera (population 915) is the county seat and is the only incorporated city in the county. Other towns providing services in the county are Pipe Creek, Lakehills, Medina, and Vanderpool.

If traveling by Air, the closest airports are Austin and San Antonio. Both of these international airports are only within an hour to 2 hours from Bandera.

If traveling by vehicle, give yourself plenty of time to travel as you will see beautiful picturesque views of the hill country. Bandera is located in a rural area of the Hill Country, so save yourself some stress and get an early start to avoid congestion on the roadways prior to the start of the eclipses. Make sure you have plenty of food and gasoline in case the drive takes longer then expected.

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