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The Old Jureczki House

One of the largest and best- preserved Polish pioneer houses in Bandera County and central Texas. The style of the 2-story plastered stone residence, reportedly built in 1876 by Frank Jureczki near the Medina River, exhibits certain Alsatian influences similar to the historic architecture of Castroville, located to the southeast of Bandera. The builder of the house is not recorded, but it seems likely, from the structure's height, plastered limestone, louvered shutters, and proximity to the front boundary line, that he was from Castroville, a stopping point for the Polish emigrants on their way to Bandera. Although the architectural style of the Jureczki House was undoubtedly influenced by the heritage and race of the owner, the simple form of this dwelling, as well as those of other pioneers from Eastern Europe, was indigenous to Texas. The simple construction of this structure, which was adapted to the local building materials and climate of Texas, reflects the simple and often rugged way of life Polish emigrants to Texas faced during the second half of the 19th century.

615 Cypress St., Bandera TX 78003
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