Weber Ranch

Weber Ranch - 210-632-7081
Weber Ranch in Bandera County, is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Texas and the Hill Country. We have a very diverse terrain, plant and animal life, and many outdoor activities on a working 240 acre Ranch. San Antonio is an easy 1 hour drive away from Medina, Texas, but we are far enough to see "billions of stars" at night in all directions. The family has always felt life does not get any better than this.

With everything one could want from hiking, swimming, and bike riding to fossil hunting, finding arrowheads, bird watching, and a number of outdoor activities the Weber Ranch has to offer, the possibilities are almost endless. After many years of family ranching and personal use, the family wants to share the beauty of this part of Texas with others who share the same values of outdoors and family as we do. Our goal is to remain small so that everyone will enjoy the solitude of the outdoors and the Hill Country but have enough room for a multiple family gathering or a small church retreat.
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