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Bandera County is situated in the crosshairs of two upcoming astronomical events that few people ever experience in their own backyard.

On Saturday, October 14, 2023, an Annular Eclipse, also know as a “Ring of Fire” Eclipse will pass over all of Bandera County.

Then less than six months later on Monday, April 8, 2024, all of Bandera County is situated in the path of totality for the Great North American Eclipse. Most areas in the county will experience over four minutes of totality.

We are excited to be making plans to create the best possible experience to witness these events. It is not too early to be making plans now. Numerous accommodations are all ready book for the 2024 event. Most accommodations and RV Parks are now accepting reservations for both October 2023 & April 2024 eclipses. Checkout our various accommodations now and make plans to join us.

April 8, 2024 Totality Times for Areas in Bandera County;

Vanderpool: 4m 25.9s
Medina 4m 19.5s
Tarpley 4m 13.2s
Bandera 4m 3.8s
Pipe Creek 3m 50.1s
Lakehills 3m 34.6s

check back often for updates.

Why is Bandera County a prime location to view the eclipses?

Bandera County’s climate is well suited to experience excellent viewing opportunities.

Traditionally, mid-October is the beginning of transitioning from summer to fall. Temperatures are becoming milder and there may be hinges of fall foliage on the trees. October is also a prime time for the fall bird migration to warmer climates. Early morning overcast skies generally give way to full sun.

April’s climate is much like October’s. April is a peak month for the spring bird migration and wildflower season.. As in October, any morning overcast skies generally give away to full sun by mid-morning.

Where is Bandera County, Texas?

Bandera County encompasses almost 800 square miles in the rural Texas Hill Country less than an hour northwest of San Antonio, a little over two hours southwest of Austin and four hours from Houston. The City of Bandera (population 915) is the county seat and is the only incorporated city in the county. Other towns providing services in the county are Pipe Creek, Lakehills, Medina, and Vanderpool.

In addition to viewing the eclipses, what other activities will be available?

Currently, most of Bandera County is in the planning stages of creating eclipse centric events. Near the Vanderpool area, the Four Sisters’ Ranch is hosting Eclipse UTOPIA. Tickets for both October 2023 and April 2024 are available online now.

In addition to any planned eclipse festivals, Bandera County offers a diverse range of activities. Surrounding the community of Bandera you will find numerous dude ranches and outfitters offering horseback riding and old west entertainment. Bandera offers numerous eateries, specialty shops and nightly live music. The Frontier Times Museum and Bandera Natural History are well worth a visit.

For outdoor enthusiasts Bandera County is ideal. Hiking trails are abundant. Bird watching and star gazing are two popular activities. We encourage you to bring your binoculars and telescopes. Come early and enjoy scenic drives in the surrounding hill country.

Things to Do in Bandera County provides an overview of activities.

What types of accommodation does Bandera County offer?

Bandera County offers dude ranches, short term rentals, several motels, and many RV Parks in the county. For a full listing visit Bandera county places to stay.As of January 2023, some of our properties are already booked for the total eclipse April 2024. Others have announced that they will begin accepting reservations soon for 2024. All properties are booking for 2023.

We are aware that property owners may open their land to dry camping and boondocking of RV campers. As the Visitors Centers know more, we will post updates.

You are encouraged to solidify your accommodations early, particularly for the Total Eclipse in April 2024.

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