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Pipe Creek General Store & Dancehallll

Pipe Creek Dancehall - 210-854-6577
In November 2014, Bruce Martin purchased the old general store and dancehall property. His goal was to preserve some local history and continue to allow it to function as an active community gathering place. He attempted to restore the buildings to their original 1930s appearance. At the same time, tried to make them usable to today's standards. The foundations of both buildings were stabilized. Plumbing, septic and water systems were upgraded. In the general store, central air conditioning was installed, and one interior wall was removed to expand the dining area. The restrooms were remodeled and meet ADA requirements. The electrical system was updated and additional lighting was added. Most of the woodwork in both buildings is original. In the dancehall we added ceiling fans and a bar. Covered decking was added between the buildings to allow people to easily go between the buildings and to have an outside seating area.

The storage area that was added to the general store in 1992 was remodeled to match the interior and exterior of the original building. A grand fireplace and chandelier were added to give it an old lodge appearance. Green space has been created behind the buildings for picnic tables and a play area.

Future plans are to build a kitchen to support the venue. At this time events will need to be catered.

The entire property consists of 3 acres with four buildings. In addition to the general store and dancehall, there are 2 other buildings; a small "stone cottage" farmhouse and a carriage house. There are a variety of interesting structures on the grounds including chicken coops, a storage silo, remains of an old cotton gin and a stone chimney from the 1800's.

The stone cottage is a one-bedroom farmhouse that was built in the 1930's. It has been restored and updated with central air conditioning. The stone cottage can be used in various ways to support events on the property.

The carriage house is currently being used for storage. He is considering restoring this building for use as a craft center or farmers market in the future.

He has built an outdoor stage/pavilion with a ready room and a large outdoor dancefloor.

His goal is to restore the entire property for the community to use and enjoy. For now, we will use the general store and dancehall for an event center. In the future, he plans to open a restaurant on site and this entire property can continue to be the gathering place it has been for the Pipe Creek area for over 100 years.
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